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Mak's Patch Vegetarian & Vegan Treats 

Vegan diets for dogs are naturally hypoallergenic, easily digestible and anti-inflammatory. 
Our treats helps dogs of all shapes and sizes to enjoy a treat without suffering from chronic symptoms.

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Mak's Patch
Fruit & Vegetable Chews

Mak's Patch offers some of the healthiest dog chews on the market with all-natural ingredients, with Vegetables including sweet potato and peas. Over 70% of the composition is made up of Sweet Potato and Peas alone!   

Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene, this is an important nutrient. Dogs convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A, which is a necessary nutrient that is hard for them to get elsewhere in a plant-based diet.  Find out more in our Blog.

With so many pets being recorded as overweight these treats are a great low-fat alternative to meat chews, gluten and grain free aiding your dog’s digestion. Furthermore they're better for the planet too. 

If you’re looking for healthy snacks for dogs look no further, our range offers diversity and peace of mind. The long-lasting dog chews are made from vegetarian ingredients that all have benefits to your dog’s overall well-being. 

Low Fat, Grain & Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free,  Hypo-Allergenic

Cute Dog

Just wanted to say that your treats are my dogs favourite treats, ever, and they are a total godsend for me, as he's allergic to EVERYTHING!


Wheat, soya, cows milk, all meat, all fish.......(And thats before I get into all the environmental allergies, too )

Finding treats that he enjoyed that had none of the things, or minimal things, he is allergic to was proving challenging to say the least. And so many treats are just made up of rubbish.

Things like 'whimzees', cost a fortune and gave him diarrhea. Then I found your treats.

Thank you for making treats that aren't full of rubbish, that my boy can enjoy.


(He goes and stands Looking at his tin, where they are kept all the time!)

Maks Patch Low in Fat, Gluten Free, Grai
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