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Miro & Makauri Adjustable Leads

Miro & Makauri Adjustable Leads


Adjustable "Double the Length" Leads
This unique design was inspired, because many people wrap a lead around their hand in order to make them shorter, while taking their dogs for a run etc.

This adjustable lead goes from 60cm - 120cm or 100cm - 200cm in seconds with one sliding motion. Easily going from a short dog lead to an extra long lead in a matter of seconds.

With a padded handle for maximum comfort. This new lead will make every users life, just that little bit easier.

  • Adjustable extra long dog lead
  • Comfortable padded handle 
  • Easy and quick to use


Miro & Makauri 

25mm x 60 - 120cm
25mm x 100 - 200cm

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